Here are some of the comments from people who have received treatments from Mandy Wiles at Islington Reiki:

“I’m having Reiki with Mandy for stress, from the first session with her my mind and body felt more in tune. For many days after each session I feel relaxed and empowered to face life with a better, happier attitude. Mandy is an exceptional Reiki practitioner, I would recommend her to anyone.”

Pauline C


“Many people I work with highly recommended me trying out Mandy’s Reiki sessions. After I’ve tried it, I felt instantly very relaxed and harmonized for the rest of the day.

It was an amazing experience and not just just the Reiki session itself but also Mandy with her kind and caring way made me feel very welcome! I can highly recommend her to anyone who is under a lot of pressure, stress or just to relax and and treat yourself with a short time out.”

Isabelle S


“I came to see Mandy on recommendation of a friend, who praised her highly. Prior to my appointment with Mandy I went through a period of stress, anxiety and fatigue. This resulted in a major headache, which lasted for two days up until I met with Mandy. She instantly made me feel relaxed and taken care of. Firstly, she took interest in my overall health and lifestyle. Then she made me aware of the procedure of how she would go about her treatment. I felt thoroughly at ease. I loved the ambience she created as well! Once she started with her treatment I felt warm, and at peace with the world. It took only three hand positions and my, until then still banging headaches, were gone. She took special care and time with areas she knew I had problems with. Overall, I am grateful to have come across Mandy’s healing hands and can not wait for my next visit!”

Anja P


“I was going to have deep brain stimulation for Parkinson’s Disease and was very worried about the surgery. Mandy did Reiki on me and this really calmed me and made me able to go through with the surgery which turned out to be very successful and helped my symptoms enormously. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending anyone to Mandy as she certainly has the ability to calm you down with her healing hands. In particular, she noticed the heat in the brain area which related to my Parkinson’s Disease and also heat in the stomach area which would have related to the anxiety and nervousness I was feeling at the time. It was interesting that when she had worked on these areas the heat disappeared and I felt much more able to cope with my upcoming surgery.”

Andrea J


“I was very much looking forward to the day of my Reiki treatment as I had positive experiences with Reiki before.”

“Even though we didn’t speak the same language (because I was a visitor to London from Germany) Mandy made me feel welcome, was very friendly and prepared me with her calm nature for the following treatment. It was so relaxing that I drifted off and fell asleep. I felt warmth spreading throughout my whole body and I had peace of mind.

Afterwards I simply felt wonderful. That feeling didn’t wear off until the end of my stay in London. Reiki just seems to give you back your balance in life.

I want to thank Mandy with all my heart for this amazing experience and couldn’t recommend her highly enough!”

Hannelore W

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