About Our Work

Hello, I’m Mandy Wiles

As a person, Reiki has brought a calm centredness to my days. For some it may feel a task to practice self-Reiki. For me it is a valuable part of every day. If I am unable to practice, I notice the difference.

Sharing this with my clients brings me satisfaction, a sense of purpose and a feeling that I am contributing in a positive way to people’s lives.

I am Level 2 Reiki practitioner who undertook Reiki training in order to gain professional level skills in the practice of hands on healing, something I had been doing informally for years.

Other Qualifications:

  • AoFAQ Level 2  Emergency First Aid at work (QCF)

  • Certificate of Achievement in ‘Covid-19 Certification’

About My Treatment

I set an ambient mood with appropriate music. If you prefer this does not have to be played.

I practice at:

Davina House (103)
137-149 Goswell Road

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or at the

The Stress Project
2 Shelburne Road
London N7 6DL

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My rate for this is £60 per hour or £80 for ninety minutes. Payments can be made in cash or by credit or debit card. We generate invoices for all clients and invoices will be provided upon request.

I also have a table which allows me to do home visits. My rate for this is £70 per session.

A Reiki treatment involves the recipient sitting or laying down fully clothed. I recommend clients wear loose, comfortable clothing. I then place my hands gently on or over the body (this is decided after a discussion with you). A session lasts for 60 or 90 minutes.

I am fully insured and am able to provide proof of my training upon request.

Please note that Reiki is a complementary therapy that works alongside mainstream health care but should not be used as a substitute for appropriate medical treatment.

If you would like to book a treatment please contact me using the details below.

Contact Mandy Wiles at Islington Reiki
Phone: 07766 646 459
Email: mandy@islingtonreiki.co.uk

UK Reiki Federation Membership Number 6068A

Fully insured

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